Statistics for game server

Percentage of the positions that were unique (of all played games): 87.09%
Total number of games played: 529342
Average duration approximately: 216.26s
Total number of accounts: 137
Total number of unique engine names: 135

what this graph shows is: games are usually 40 moves or less, move 20...40 take the most time, and the longer a game takes, the more likely it is that white wins

stats per result



afvalbaxx-1.02 disconnected2
Atakador v0.10.1 disconnected5
Atakador v0.10.1 used too much time7
Atakador v0.10.3 disconnected5
Atakador v0.10.5 disconnected1
Atakador v0.10.5 used too much time14
AtaxxEngine disconnected1
AtaxxZero disconnected18
AtaxxZero used too much time80
black disconnected197
black used too much time (F)15443
black used too much time (W)12838
fifty moves1558
Funes disconnected74
Funes used too much time156
Gotaxx disconnected4
Gotaxx used too much time24
GreedyAtaxx-plies=2 disconnected1
Illegal move by black280
Illegal move by TestingAtaxx: a63
Illegal move by TestingAtaxx: b62
Illegal move by TestingAtaxx: f11
Illegal move by TestingAtaxx: f21
Illegal move by TestingAtaxx: g22
Illegal move by white280
Lelax disconnected4
Lelax used too much time4
mcts-pure disconnected2
mcts-pure used too much time2
Randoxx disconnected1
Sashaxxx 718156b disconnected95
Sashaxxx 718156b used too much time493
Sashaxxx 97227d5 disconnected14
Sashaxxx 97227d5 used too much time33
Sashaxxx disconnected3
Sashaxxx used 12ms too much1
Sashaxxx used too much time36
Sashaxxx/6 97227d5 disconnected3
TestingAtaxx disconnected2
Tiktaxx disconnected81
Tiktaxx used 14ms too much1
Tiktaxx used too much time109
white disconnected63
white used too much time (F)2995
white used too much time (W)3678